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At toldTimes we believe that getting the most out of publishing is as unique as life itself. As a highly skilled team of new ierusalem professional we are a innovative group of disciples upholding truth! With the passion to conduct, build and maintain a wholesome environment for yah's chosen people. your reaction to our quality should be a reflection of your personal style and taste. 'otherwise, we’re not doing what we are here to help you achieve in your greatest forms of living...nevertheless, we’re furtheringthemore whether you're looking for writer's coaching or rollout solutions, feel confident with toldTimes as your go-to quality publishing provider.'


services in a unified alignment...

  • design & illustrations:

    eye-catching and attention grabbing, transfusive farming; helping exercise the mental capacity of those wilder enough to jump through pages. utterly castrating the light seekers to brighter the miles, with verbal and visual fulfillments! once the literary construct is laid out the artistic styling is underway.

    design & illustrations faq:
    -what are the differences between design and illustration services?
    at toldTimes we can create our client ideal cover/marketing art work using designs our clients provide or we can create custom illustrations to your exact specifications.

    -how long does it take toldTimes to deliver design and illustration services?
    design and illustration services may vary; although, most projects take between 1-4 months to deliver. please be advised that more detailed projects take longer.


  • literary maintenance:

    the very details to life itself; distinctive words, or are those not the sayings of the one on high? fine tuning each and everyone of his works to do as will and according to will. penmanship! whether preparing your next novel, magazine, audio track or video real; ensure your scripting, crediting, logging and content are all termed and registered appropriately.

    literary maintenance faq:
    -what type of professional publishing do toldTimes provide?
    at toldTimes we provide our clients with self-publishing services and trade-book consulting services.

    -how long does it take toldTimes to deliever copyrighting services?
    all copyright services are logged on corresponding websites within days of content approval.


  • marketing & distribution:

    at toldTime, we're doing more than carrying out conservation efforts and ad campaigns; we're pioneering sustainability practices and leading the way for global improvement throught digital advertorials mediums; world-wide!

    marketing & distribution disclamer:
    *please be advised that toldTimes does not offer printing services.

how long does it take toldTimes to complete a transaction? 

at toldTimes we analysis your accounts in order to conduct your desired results within the appropriate time frames!


- please be advised: MU-OP is closed on the sabbath and high holy-days as outlined here .